My Creative Type

I found an inspiring set of journal prompts that have helped me get back into the writing groove, and I wanted to share a couple with you moving forward. So expect a few posts this week! One of the journal prompts had me take a quick quiz by Adobe, My Creative Type, and reflect on the results. The quiz gave me the “type” of creative person I am based on my answers. I had my parents and my husband take the quiz as well, and I feel like it is pretty spot on!

My results told me that I am a “thinker” – and I’m not surprised in the least! It’s kind of gratifying to get a result that essentially supports the madness I am putting myself through with grad school LOL. At the same time, I needed encouragement that I can, in fact, find and create meaning; have a sense of wonder and depth of perception; and see the big picture. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I get stuck in my own head. I have been hoarding thoughts and ideas – but its time to let them loose! Because ideas are meant to be brought to life.


The quiz also suggests that “the adventurer’ is an ideal collaborator, and if my husband were to take the quiz, I bet he would be an “adventurer”. He truly is the perfect counterbalance to my introspective nature, as the quiz denotes. His playfulness and energy remind me to be joyful and to get my hands dirty with the creative process; and his undying encouragement of my creative endeavors has been much needed as I attempt to get out of my head and bring my ideas to life.

But instead, my husband got the “visionary” type, and I find that it truly does fit him to a T. And better yet, the “visionary’s” ideal collaborator is a “thinker”, so I guess it was just meant to be!


I think my husband is meant to push me outside my comfort zone and to help me move physically into areas I only envisioned in my head. And I am meant to help him find his rhythm in his present and future. Together, we find our creativity within, and despite of, and because of this messy thing we call life.

Now it’s your turn :) Take the Creative Types by Adobe quiz (it’s super quick), and reflect on your results. Were you surprised? Why or why not? Does this give you insight on how you work, and how others around you work? How can you use your “creative type” to hone in on your art? Let me know!