Undercuts and other changes

Last week's post was sort of a downer, so I want to counter it with this happy one :D This particular life season has allowed me to try so many new things and in turn, find some new passions. So for all the tough stuff, there has also been a lot of good too.

boom14 (1 of 1).jpg

Remember when I became a full-time student and sort-of freelancer back in February? Well It's funny what being unemployed can do for you creativity. It's like mine has been hiding all this time and only came out to play when I was forced to just DO SOMETHING with all the free time I had (because apparently grad school full-time isn't enough HA). Two things in particular stand out:


I pulled out my acrylics and old canvases from college and began painting again. AND I LOVE IT. I love it so much I actually dream about painting. That's only slightly weird. But I'm happy to have found this creative, artsy side of me. There are no boundaries, no rules, everything is fair game and everything is what I make it. It's fantastic. Right now I'm a huge fan of gouche paints, because they feel like acrylics but behave like watercolors. I'm working on a series of monotone abstract horses and it's so fun to see ink come to life.

I'm also getting into acrylic pouring - there are so many techniques to getting certain types of pours and I can't wait to try them all! Acrylic pouring is definitely a fun entry into art, especially because its supposed to be messy! Pinterest is my go-to source for inspiration, but I also follow some pretty amazing artists on Instagram. I hope to one day create art on their level and maybe even make it a side business of some sort. But for now, #someonefundmyhobbies

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... and sooo many moreeee


Ben is the master photographer, but since he got a camera upgrade, I've played with his old DSLR and had more fun than I thought I would. I really dislike cellphone cameras, mostly because I've never had a good one, so I never thought I would enjoy taking photos as much as I do now. I recently had the pleasure of working a couple of events, taking photos and documenting on social media for BOOM Charlotte's fringe arts festival. 

It's also funny what happens to people when  you say you want to take their picture. They either get shy or really, really excited. On my end, its funny to see how people react to me when I'm holding a DSLR with a big lens. Suddenly I'm the most interesting person in the room. It's strange.

On a more abstract note,

I've felt more free to try new things - new to me, at least. For example, I'm skateboarding now? LOL. I will sometimes wear hot pink lipstick (that is a whoa factor for anyone who really knows me). I also got an undercut. Turns out that was a great decision. I no longer have a sweaty neck or those little dreadlocks underneath after a hot day.  I was at first concerned about having less hair in general, but my hair is noticeably easier to manage now. Less shampoo and less time to dry and style is always a plus. But honestly, you can't tell I have less hair when its down. In fact, you would have no clue its shaved unless my hair is up. It's a win-win.