Winter Blues and Vision Boards

Many friends have pointed out that the winter blues seem especially difficult this year. Winter blues, cabin fever, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) - it goes by different names but with similar symptoms. Anxiety, mood swings, lack of motivation and fatigue are all common symptoms that affect many people during the winter. 

I will be the first to admit I struggle with these feelings.. My mood and my energy levels have been pretty low and I feel extremely unmotivated. This in turn brings on a sort of guilt for not being the "girl boss" that we all think of - the one who is super productive, social and fit. But that isn't realistic either. As another blogger put it, "we are meant to go to bed and wake up in the sun - which in the winter means we are meant to sleep a lot longer. I think forcing ourselves into a routine where we sleep for the same amount of time year round is unreasonable, so in the winter when you get tired easier and you want to sleep more - sleep more!" This sentiment, combine with my doctor's orders to listen to my body and REST, means I've been prioritizing sleep and attempting to not feel guilty for it. 

But the guilt lingers. So I decided I needed something to gently motivate me each day. Something I can look at, repeat to myself and visualize easily Enter the vision board!

I very easily created a vision board today on Pinterest and then printed it out to hang on my bulletin board behind my computer. Along with these inspiring images, I also have a handful of phrases that are meaningful to me. They either provide encouragement or remind me of what I'm working towards. The cool thing about making my vision board on Pinterest is that it is easily changeable. If I have a new goal or need to tweak an idea, I can simply pin a new photo. 

Each photo above is a visual representation of a true, life-long vision I have for my life. Some of it is abstract, while other are self-explanatory. General themes in my vision board are peace, creativity, knowledge, organization, sustainability, family and the outdoors. 

Your vision board can be as abstract or as concrete as you would like. It is helpful to write down words or phrases you associate with your vision and to keep them in a journal or blog. Sometimes a vision can remain the same but the words you use to describe it change over time (or vise versa) so it is nice to have a log of sorts to keep track of what your vision means to you.

Remember, don't feel like you are stuck with whatever your originally pin or cut out of a magazine. It is fluid, just like you. I hope you can utilize a vision board to help pull yourself out of these winter blues. Spring is just around the corner, so now is a great time to gear up and begin dreaming again!


P.S. Other things that have helped pull me out of a funk have been HAPPY music and BAKING! Dance parties to Twenty One Pilots with my dogs are more fun than they probably should be :) If you would like to try your hand at a couple of easy recipes, check out this homemade bread recipe, this delicious lentil dahl recipe, this one-pan Mexican quinoa recipe, and this STELLAR double chocolate chip cookie recipe!

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