When life makes sense

You know you're pursuing the right career when everything sort of falls into place and makes sense, right? I feel like things are falling into place all around me and it is exhilarating!

elie rev field (1 of 1).jpg

Freelance work is in progress, I've made more professional contacts in my first two months in North Carolina than I did in four years in Florida, and the program I am pursuing (Public Administration) has been less horrid than I previously imagined. In fact, the topics we cover in class essentially describe my personality to a T. 

Last week, we covered program management tools and I was happy to learn that I live my everyday life as if I was a program manager. Ha! In particular, we covered scope of work, needs assessments, feasibility studies and Gannt Charts. All are tools that are used professionally by program managers and yet they are also reasoning processes that many people use in everyday life. It was exciting to learn about tools that already come naturally to me. For example, I got excited (maybe too excited) about Gannt Charts because I use them in my bullet journal to keep track of my job progress and daily goals. 

Side bar about bullet journals - I love this style of journaling because its minimalist in nature and allows me to combine all of my lists, thoughts, goals, worries and planning into one document. I use a Lemome dotted journal and its not only pretty but easy to use as the paper is thick enough to prevent bleeding and ink smears. Here is the original website for Bullet Journaling, but you'll find a ton of resources just by googling "bullet journal".

Anywho, its just nice that life has decided to make sense lately. I know change will come again soon, but I'm soaking in all the goodness that comes with this stability and confidence I have in school and career choices. 

Shameless plug here - my website eliewrites.com is live and I'd love for you to check it out! I have a couple of projects in the works but if you have questions, want to collab or need to consult with me, shoot me an email!

Also, none of the links posted above are commissioned. I'm just sharing the resources I find the best for me!