A new perspective: Lagom

We are one week into the new year and statistically, the vast majority of the resolutions made on Jan. 1 won't survive the next few weeks. 

I gave up on resolutions because I was mad at myself for not always keeping them. But I also found that life had a funny way of changing and as a result, so did my goals. Many of the resolutions I set for myself were no longer a priority by month four or month five, and it was easier to let things go rather than make new resolutions.

This year, I've taken an entirely different approach. Given the drastic change in scenery we experienced two weeks ago, I have wholeheartedly decided to take everything day. by. day.


Part of my decision to focus on one day at a time was a means of self preservation. I am a planner, through and through, and if I can't plan, my world becomes chaotic. Well, this season of my life is just plain un-plannable. To prevent a meltdown, I had one choice: I needed to change my outlook, my perspective on life.

In relation to my planning nature, I am usually a black-and-white, all-or-nothing kind of person. Meaning, in most areas of my life, I have big goals and I know what I want. But this characteristic gets me in trouble. Mainly, it creates a lack of flexibility, spontaneity, and balance. In terms of resolution-making, I would become so focused on a singular goal that I would lose sight of the other aspects of life that, oftentimes, meant more. Since marrying my husband, who is the definition of spontaneous, I have since learned to let go. 

This year, I am really focused on bringing my balance to my life, but through less planning and more intuition and freedom. Enter lagom. Lagom is a Swedish word that mean just the right amount - not too much, not too little. It comes from the phrase "lagom Γ€r bΓ€st," meaning "the right amount is best."

The Swedes utilize this life perspective in sustainability, food, culture - basically in everyday life. I'm actually really excited to identify with lagom (like hygga) and am ready to embrace a more sustainable, balanced, simple and free lifestyle. Letting go was step one. Step two is live each day as mindfully and intentionally as possible.

As much as I love my home country, how beautiful does life as a Northern European sound?! Hygga, lagom.. a trip to across the pond is definitely in order! ;)