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Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.
– Ayn Rand

I'm Elie!

I wear a few hats - wife, coworker, writer, dog-mom, student - and together they encompass most of my everyday life. As a writer and aspiring freelancer, I put my all into my work, whether its sharing life struggles in a blog post or researching a paper. I take lessons learned through my yoga practice or from overcoming hurdles in my marriage to craft content with an intention to reach at least one person.  Ultimately, I hope to share my life moments and be a light for those who need it.

Behind the Blog

I started "working out" in college on the treadmill, then in the weight room. But it wasn't until three years ago that I began a real weight training program along with a yoga practice. A lot of reading and research went into my training (to make it a lifestyle) and as a result, a larger goal came into being: to live an intentional, mindful lifestyle. 

I have found that practicing mindfulness has brought peace in my own life and to my mind. As a young woman who has struggled with depression and anxiety for over a decade, I can attest to the truth of an intentional, spiritual lifestyle and its positive impacts on my health and well-being. 


All the photography on this site is by my husband, Ben Landrum. His work can be seen on Instagram (@benlandrum) and our up-and-coming business site, Seaforth Photography

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